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The Upside of Fear by Weldon Long, 2009


Denver CO attorney, Thomas A Ramunda, Jr., was featured in this powerful autobiography written by a client whom he represented during his time as a public defender.  The following excerpts were taken from the book with the permission of its author, Tom’s client, Wally Long.

…gratitude must go to Tom Ramunda, the best criminal defense attorney in Colorado.  If not for your aggressive, brilliant legal work, my dreams could never have become a reality. Thanks for saving my ass.” pg vii “During the summer I received a visit from my court-appointed public defender, Tom Ramunda.  I could tell right away that Tom was taking my case seriously.  Ramunda was not going to lie down without a fight.  He had several legal issues with the case, including the government’s attempt to circumvent the statute of limitations by charging something other than robbery. I was amazed that a public defender would drive the forty-five minutes to Florence to strategize for my defense.  I developed extraordinary respect for the men and women who work in the public defender’s office. Tom Ramunda was my best and only hope, and I knew I was lucky to get such a smart and aggressive attorney.” pg 142 “I couldn’t believe what I heard. Ramunda had somehow pulled a rabbit out of thin air (during a very important motion hearing). He had convinced the judge to suppress the government’s key evidence against me….As the judge concluded the proceeding, Ramunda leaned over to me and said to call him when I got back to the jail. Trail would begin on Monday. I called Tom that afternoon and congratulated him on a spectacular job. I would someday have a life again because of his efforts.” pg 147 If you would like to hear more about Weldon Long’s story, visit:


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