Steps To Filing For Divorce in Colorado


How to File for Divorce in Colorado

Divorcing in Colorado is relatively straightforward, as long as each step is followed and respected. Note: To get a divorce in Colorado, one spouse must be a resident for 91 days, and there is a 91 day waiting period before the divorce will be finalized.


1)  Initial Petition for Divorce: Both parties or one person must file in Colorado

a. At least one person from either party must file in Colorado.

b. One spouse must have resided in Colorado for 91 days


2)  Review All Documents from the Court:

These documents will include orders for potential parenting classes, documentation necessary to bring or submit, and the date for your Initial Status Conference


3)  Personal Service and Proof of Service:

If filing separately, both a Personal Service and Proof that all documents have been provided must be submitted to the court


4)  Complete all Forms:

Certificate of Compliance, Financial Statement, Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan, Decree, Support Order, Pretrial Statement, and potentially a Child Support Worksheet.


5)  Initial Status Conference:  

This is the first appearance before the Court; the Certificate of Compliance and the Financial statements are submitted.


6)  Mediation:  

If there are any contested issues involved in the divorce, the Court may require that mediation take place before the final hearing.


7)  Final Hearing:  

Contested issues will be heard and decided on by the Court.


8)  Dissolution of Marriage:  

This is the last step, where the court will file any Support Orders and your Decree.



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