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Parker/Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Since 1992, Tom has established himself as a dedicated and talented Denver criminal defense attorney. Many Americans believe that only the guilty go to prison. The sad truth is that there are many people wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit. Tom is tireless in his determination that no innocent person should be wrongly convicted.  Tom approaches every criminal case with the intention of getting the best result possible. He carefully analyzes and investigates his cases to achieve the goal of dismissal of charges.

In cases that call for it, Tom has an excellent record of negotiating favorable plea bargains for his clients.  In a day and age when the punishment does not always fit the crime—when excessive legal measures are often the response to simple mistakes—someone must step in and fight for what is fair and right. As a highly trained Denver criminal defense attorney,  Tom, with his strong courtroom presence and his never-quit attitude, is just the right person for that challenging job.

Denver criminal defense attorney Tom A. Ramunda Jr  promises that, whether you are cited with a traffic ticket or accused of a serious criminal charge, he will guide you through every stage of the process. He will be upfront and honest with you, right from the start. When you hire Tom, you can be sure that you have an attorney with years of successful trial experience and strong legal knowledge. Tom will be your personal advocate each step of the way. He will make sure that you are informed of the legal procedures involved, the legal options available to you, and the consequences of a negotiated plea bargain or a criminal jury trial. Tom will work hard to help you successfully resolve your criminal matters.  You will not be alone. From start to finish, you can be assured that Thomas A. Ramunda Jr. will stand up and fight for you.

We handle all Felonies, Misdemeanors and other matters including:

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