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DMV Hearing
DMV Hearing

If an individual’s license has been revoked or suspended, a DMV hearing may be in order if the person is working to obtain their license again. In some cases, a DMV hearing can be requested in order for the individual to plead their case and get their license returned to them.

In most cases, the arresting officer will send you a letter to your last known address informing you that your license has been revoked or suspended. The letter will tell the individual that a hearing may be requested but that the DMV needs to be contacted, in writing, within seven days of the recorded conviction or the DMV will revoke the license entirely. In addition, the arresting officer will send a revocation to the DMV to tell them their license has been revoked.

The person requesting a DMV hearing is entitled to a lawyer, and Thomas A. Ramunda Jr is a well-respected, and established attorney in Parker, Colorado. Contact our office today for more information or guidance on DMV hearings and how best to approach one.

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