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Child Visitation
Child Visitation

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Child Visitations and Child Custody are important matters but should be dealt with delicately. Even though the couple is getting divorced or claiming legal separation, it is important to make the child’s well-being top priority. It is even more important to not place stress on the child during these stressful times.

When it comes to divorce and legal separation, both biological parents have the right to child visitations, even if the parents are not legally married at the child’s time of birth. When settling child custody agreements, the court takes the child’s best interest into account when deciding disputed child visitations or custody cases involving unmarried fathers. If there is no evidence against a parent saying they are unfit to have involvement in the child’s life, the courts will allow visitations from both parents, presuming it benefits the child.

In some cases, the father may need to provide paternal proof that they are biologically related to the child. After paternity has been established, the father has permission to pursue visitation rights.

Before the legal process has begun, or during the judicial proceedings, both parents can file a parenting plan documenting child visitation expectations, the parent with primary custody, the decided parent making decisions on behalf of the child’s health care or education.

If the parents cannot reach an agreement or wish to amend the parenting plan to get child visitation or custody help, the mother or father may consult the courts.

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