Alimony, Support, and Maintenance Services in Parker, Co

Alimony and Spousal Maintenance in Parker, Colorado
Alimony, Spouse Support, and Maintenance

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Alimony is a particular amount of money that can be awarded after the divorce to a spouse that lacks the sufficient funds or property to support themselves reasonably after a divorce. In Colorado Divorce Law, a judge will determine if one spouse will be awarded alimony (referred to as “maintenance” in Colorado and also called “Spousal Support”).

Alimony is not automatically given to one party over another, even if one spouse feels they deserve it more than the other. A few factors are considered by the Colorado Divorce Court such as the both party’s standard of living before the marriage, and whether or not the other party is capable of paying alimony under Colorado Law.

If the marriage has lasted for lengthy durations of time, the court is more likely to give maintenance in the state of Colorado. There is no set standard, but couples who have only been married a few years may not receive alimony.

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