Sealing Criminal Records in Parker, Co

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Sealing Criminal Records
Sealing Criminal Records

No one wants to be associated with the stigma that follows a permanent criminal record, even if the charges were dismissed. In Colorado, the law provides assistance for sealing criminal records, but in certain circumstances only.

A person may be eligible to petition for sealing his or her records is for some reason the charges were not filed, if the charges were filed but later dismissed, or if the defendant on trial was not found guilty.

After filing a petition, a hearing time is set, and a notice is sent out to the focused parties, relevant members of law enforcement, District Attorney’s Office, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. If there are no objections toward the petition filed, the petition may be granted without a hearing before the judge.

The process of sealing records can be very extensive, and all situations are unique. For more information about how to seal your records or file a petition to seal records, please called your lawyers at South Denver Law in Parker, Co.

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