Restraining and Protection Orders

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Restraining Order in Parker Colorado
Restraining Order in Parker Colorado

Few events can turn a person’s world upside down faster than being served a restraining order. Lack of trust in a personal or professional relationship can be stressful enough, but the involvement of the court further complicates matters. When private controversies enter the public eye, rising tensions can make rational communication a struggle for both parties. The recipient of a restraining order may feel helpless, but being proactive in this situation is key. The initial restraining order – issued with little to no warning – is only temporary. Within three weeks of you receiving it, a court hearing must take place to determine whether or not its effects become permanent. Failure to attend the hearing will count as an automatic forfeit.

If you have found yourself on the receiving end of a temporary restraining order, consider the stakes. Forcible alienation from the other person could readily stifle the reconciliation process. Some restraining order provisions require physical separation between the parties involved, complicating their mutual work or living arrangements. If your accuser is a spouse or domestic partner, you may be forced to vacate your shared home. Any children involved will be caught up in a whirlwind of custody battles. The state can confiscate your firearms (in some cases) and prohibit the purchase of firearms in the future. Compulsory counseling is also a potential outcome. In light of these facts, realize that adequate preparation for the court proceedings is essential. The period between the temporary order the court hearing is a crucial window of opportunity.

Take advantage of this quiet before the storm by regaining composure, establishing a supportive community, and finding a capable advocate. Once the shock of receiving the initial order wears off, give yourself time to adjust to this new reality. Come to terms with these recent events, and brace yourself for multiple scenarios moving forward. Resist the urge to withdraw from friends and family, as their support will be increasingly needed in the coming days. Added perspective, lessened mental burdens, and emotional catharsis are all benefits of recovering in a social context. Finally, make sure to obtain reinforcement in the form of a winning attorney. While the initial order may have left you reeling, the most arduous part of the process is yet to come.

In times like these, you need a defense lawyer who goes the extra mile to understand his clients and their unique positions. Allow Thomas A. Ramunda Jr. to come alongside you during this intimidating process. He will put over two decades of legal experience to work for the best possible resolution to your specific case. Tom’s services are available for Denver and the surrounding areas, including Adams, Arapahoe, and El Paso counties. Things may never be the same after that initial restraining order is filed, but at least you have the right to make your voice heard in court.

With Tom’s expertise on your side, no court hearing needs to end in disaster. Greater peace of mind is only one free and confidential phone call away. So please email us for more information or simply call for a free consultation at 303-840-2700.

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