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Reckless Driving Lawyer in Parker, COA youth’s initiation behind the wheel can be intimidating for everyone involved. Parents understandably fear loss. While their vehicle is a substantial investment, the life contained within possesses incalculable value. Friends and family may joke about avoiding the new driver, but only because their ribbing is rooted in legitimate concern. All the while, the young driver of the household is bearing the weight of loved ones’ concern, a high-stakes learning curve, and the undeniably real peril of the road. Two undesirable outcomes can result: stifled confidence, and backlash in the form of a cavalier attitude. In the case of the latter, no one wins.

Group mentality can serve to amplify such attitudes. Take a set of freshly-licensed adolescents, mix them into a school or recreational environment, and witness the melting pot of angst that ensues. The aforementioned cavalier attitude evolves from a mere emotion into a symbol of solidarity. Bands of youthful companions, in the misguided search for sympathy and acceptance, hop onto the speeding bandwagon. One thing to keep in mind about the teenage mentality is that thrill-seeking often becomes a type of medication, and camaraderie only enhances the thrill.

Reckless driving on the part of the fledgling motorist is by no means justified, though. Irrational behavior from behind the wheel creates a ripple effect of heightened danger on any given road. Accidents can needlessly complicate the schedules of those involved at best, and lead to unspeakable tragedy at worst. In seconds, the fears of multiple families and social spheres can become reality when insufficient caution meets an unsuspecting roadway. Those other parties, acting out of dismay, can threaten to deal a devastating blow to the youngest offender involved.

As with any other privilege, a driver’s license can and will be revoked due to its abuse. The youth will have learned a lesson, but be inhibited from advancing forward with life. Driving skills are an absolute necessity for some, and a valuable contingency for others, but no one’s child can afford to be completely without them in modern society. Without a means of transportation, his or her career prospects could dwindle significantly. A lesson should be learned, for sure, but not at the cost of your young driver’s upward mobility. What families want is a balance between rebuke and support for their son or daughter. Fortunately, an understanding advocate is one confidential phone call away.

Don’t let a reckless driving incident be the end of the road for an adolescent’s future plans. Thomas A. Ramunda Jr. offers family legal services for a variety of juvenile law cases. Specializing in both protection and prevention, Thomas A Ramunda Jr advocates for children and teens who may have made a simple and understandable mistake. He partners with their parents or guardians to strive for a favorable outcome in court. All the while, he respectfully coaches youths through these turbulent times and helps them to shift their course toward a brighter future. Tom’s services are available for Denver and surrounding areas, including Adams, El Paso, and Jefferson counties. When unfortunate events cause your child’s life to grind to a halt, he’ll be there to help them renew momentum.

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