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Parker/Denver Traffic Attorney

From minor speeding to reckless driving, violations of Colorado’s traffic laws impact motorists in a multitude of ways: from relatively inconsequential penalties to extremely severe repercussions. Minor isolated traffic infractions may not seem like a big deal to many, but to motorists whose cumulative driving histories are marred with other traffic convictions, a simple speeding ticket can result in a loss of driving privileges.

Insurance companies take financial advantage of drivers with even minor traffic tickets. Additionally, traffic infractions can evolve into serious criminal charges. For example, a charge of reckless driving resulting in bodily injury can be used down the road to convict a motorist of a violent crime with strict penalties.

Tom is well-versed in the most current traffic laws and is highly practiced Denver Traffic Attorney when it comes to dealing with Colorado Courts, District Attorneys, and the ominous DMV regarding any and all traffic offenses.  Tom’s support in your traffic matters will protect you from unnecessary financial harm and from debilitating legal consequences.

South Denver Law handles a variety of Traffic Law situations including: