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A probate court handles not only issues of estates and trusts, it also deals with the issues of incapacitated adults and minor children. These vulnerable clients may require the help of skilled legal representatives to ensure that their interests are protected.

One option to represent the best interests of an incapacitated adult or a child is by the court appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). Family members may need to file for an emergency guardianship or conservatorship to help their incapacitated loved ones who are in a vulnerable situation. Colorado law enables the Courts to step in and protect those in need through the creation of a guardianship or a conservatorship.

Generally, a guardian is responsible for another person’s well-being; a conservator is responsible for the person’s estate or financial affairs. Counsel for the protected party is responsible for protecting that parties rights. An emergency court proceeding to appoint a guardian or conservator is referred to as a “protective proceeding”. A person alleged to be incapacitated or in need of protection is called the “Respondent” unless and until a guardian or conservator is appointed. A person for whom a guardian has been appointed is called a “ward”; a person for whom a conservator has been appointed is called the “protected person”. Emergency appointments for incapacitated adults cannot last more than 60 days before there is a full hearing, and appointments of temporary guardian cannot last more than six months.

Mr. Ramunda has been retained by Colorado families in many counties to represent their loved ones. He has also been appointed by the Douglas County Probate Court as a qualified attorney to act as a Guardian Ad Litem. Contact the law offices of Thomas A Ramunda Jr for representation in these areas today!


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