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Parker/Denver Separation Attorney

Divorce Attorney DenverTom is a strong family man and he takes great pride in working with others who are committed to the health, welfare, and future of their loved ones. In a perfect world, families stay together forever. But, we don’t live in a perfect world.

As strange as it may sound, divorce is sometimes the wisest course of action for husbands and wives who want what is ultimately best for those closest to them. When the family unit no longer serves the best interests of its members, tough choices may be necessary.

Divorce is not just an easy answer for people who don’t want to work at a relationship. Good people, who have done everything in their power to improve their marriages, get divorced too. The world can be a very stressful and unforgiving place. Sometimes good people and their families must face the painful reality of divorce.

Feeling alone during this difficult time is normal. Feeling vulnerable during this time is also normal. But when you have Thomas A. Ramunda Jr. on your side, you are not alone. You need the help of a steady, experienced legal hand of a divorce attorney Denver residents trust. Whether he is helping you iron out minor domestic relations issues, assisting you with the difficult prospect of divorce, or battling against a serious attack on your family and your life, Tom is dedicated to helping you find solutions with care and compassion. Tom doesn’t ignore the personalities, emotions, expectations and fears that are involved in every domestic relations case. As a highly respected divorce attorney Denver trusts, he understands that your feelings are real and that you need an attorney who can help you successfully deal with the challenges you are facing.

Tom can help you understand all of the options available to you, advise you on the most prudent course of action relative to your goals, and navigate you through the often harsh and confusing legal system.

Tom firmly believes that not all divorces have to be contentious. In a recent interview about how he achieves such successful outcomes in his divorce cases, Tom stated, “My goal is not to stick my nose in these divorces and muck them up. I will help keep things as simple as possible for those who are able to be reasonable and civilized with each other.” As a divorce attorney Denver can turn to, he is empowered to use new settlement techniques to help avoid a combative atmosphere if both spouses are willing. These techniques are deliberately designed to create a non-hostile environment, in which excessive fees and ongoing heartache can be spared.

If a more aggressive approach is necessary in your case, Tom is ready and willing to lead the way. Unfortunately, you can’t control the other side and, when confronted with unreasonable opposition, it is essential to have someone like Tom, with years of trial experience and with savvy courtroom skills to protect you and your children. Tom is not intimidated by strong opposition. He will zealously fight for you and for the best interest of your family.

Tom is ready to navigate you through the many stages of separation and divorce, from the initial stage of deciding to end a marriage to the closing stage of obtaining final orders.  With Tom as your attorney, you have a wise and strong advocate by your side.  During this difficult time, Tom’s help can make all the difference.

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