Expunging Criminal Records in Parker, Co

Expunging Criminal Records
Expunging Criminal Records

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How are Expunging records different from Sealing records?

Expunging involves destroying any records related to the crime. From then, the records don’t exist, and no one can prove the records ever existed. The person with the criminal record can confidently and truthfully state that the criminals records don’t exist. Expungement of records is only offered for juvenile records.

If the records are sealed, the law enforcement can still see them. Adults convicted of a crime are not allowed to expunge their records but can petition to have them sealed.

You may be eligible for expungement if you are acquitted of the charge, go through the juvenile diversion program, and stay out of trouble after the incident.

Situations vary depending on the case, so please consult your lawyer in Parker, Co at South Denver Law. We will provide the assistance and education you need for expunging your records.

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