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Dependency and Neglect
Dependency and Neglect

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Cases of dependency and neglect involve children who are facing abuse and neglect. These are unlike criminal cases because the parents are involved and not prosecuted. Rather than being prosecuted, the parents responsible for the allegations of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, are held accountable for making positive changes in the family dynamic to benefit the children, their best interests, and their overall safety.

A child may be a victim of dependency and neglect if:

  • Mistreated, abandoned, or abused by parents or guardians
  • Parents or guardians allow another person to harm or abuse the child or does not take steps to stop or prevent the abuse
  • Lacks proper care from the parents or guardian
  • The child’s environment is not safe
  • Medical care and education are not provided for the child
  • Through no fault of the parents, the child is homeless or without care
  • The child is beyond control of the parent or guardian and runs away from home

A child’s safety and security are matters of crucial importance and should be taken seriously. All parties involved in a D&N case have the right to a lawyer during all stages.

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