10 Things To Do Valentine’s Day: Surviving A Divorce

Valentine’s Day is that one day a year when expressions of love are supposed to flourish, where date night becomes a priority, and romance is in the air. It is also impossible to escape Valentine’s Day advertising: jewelry ads on Spotify, TV commercials about unique restaurants to visit, and of course those pesky Amazon wish … Read more10 Things To Do Valentine’s Day: Surviving A Divorce

Alimony (aka Spousal Maintenance) in Divorce Settlements in Parker, Colorado

The late Robin Williams joked that the word “alimony” really means “all the money”. It’s small comic relief for those who have really been through a divorce, and know what kind of financial uncertainty can result from it. But it happens more often than you might think. Alimony, now commonly referred to as “spousal maintenance”, … Read moreAlimony (aka Spousal Maintenance) in Divorce Settlements in Parker, Colorado

Reinstatement of License Matters in Parker, Co

Back to Traffic Law Getting your license reinstated will depend on the reasons your license was taken from you. In some cases, you will have to wait out your suspension period, but in other cases, you can rectify the past mistake you made. For the purpose of driving without insurance, on your first offense, your … Read moreReinstatement of License Matters in Parker, Co

South Denver Law

Attorney Thomas A. Ramunda, Jr, ESQ. has successfully represented Colorado citizens for two decades as a Parker Colorado attorney. He offers vast experience and a unique talent in successfully resolving both simple and complex legal matters. South Denver Law prides itself on providing personal, attentive care to all our clients. As an experienced trial attorney with … Read moreSouth Denver Law

Traffic Law in Parker, Colorado

(DUI, DWAI, Speeding, DMV Hearings, Revocation, Reckless Driving) From speeding to reckless driving, convictions for violations of Colorado’s traffic laws can affect motorists in multitudes of ways; from relatively inconsequential ways to extremely severe. Minor isolated traffic infractions may not seem like a big deal to many, but to a driver whose cumulative driving history … Read moreTraffic Law in Parker, Colorado