Alimony (aka Spousal Maintenance) in Divorce Settlements in Parker, Colorado

alimony in parker, colorado

The late Robin Williams joked that the word “alimony” really means “all the money”. It’s small comic relief for those who have really been through a divorce, and know what kind of financial uncertainty can result from it. But it happens more often than you might think.

Alimony, now commonly referred to as “spousal maintenance”, refers to someone’s court-ordered payments to his or her ex-spouse after a divorce is finalized. Monetary spousal support often results from a divorce, and is usually determined by, among other things, the physical and financial state of the involved parties, the ability of both parties to be self-sufficient, and the length of the marriage. By and large, however, alimony is treated as a “rehabilitative” mechanism, which implies that this money is only to be used for so long as the less financially secure of the parties is not self-sufficient. For that reason alimony does not go on forever.

Because of the change in societal trends – in which the husband used to be the exclusive financial provider of the family – alimony trends are also starting to change. It is still largely the ex-husband who provides alimony to ex-wives, but it is slowly becoming more of an even playing field. Now that women are being seen as capable financial providers for their families they are starting to be looked at in the eyes of the courts as potential candidates for providing alimony, especially if the ex-husband has custody of any children.

If alimony has been deemed necessary by a judge, and the party responsible for providing monthly payments refuses to pay the party who is to receive these funds can take further legal action through a contempt proceeding.

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