10 Things To Do Valentine’s Day: Surviving A Divorce

Valentine’s Day is that one day a year when expressions of love are supposed to flourish, where date night becomes a priority, and romance is in the air. It is also impossible to escape Valentine’s Day advertising: jewelry ads on Spotify, TV commercials about unique restaurants to visit, and of course those pesky Amazon wish list reminders. For some, figuring out what to do on Valentine’s Day is a pleasant escape from everyday monotony, but for those surviving a divorce, Valentine’s may not be enjoyable. With Divorce in America rates at 50%, surviving a divorce is no easy feat, and having everyone around you enjoying Valentine’s Day might be difficult. For those who are in the middle of a divorce or are recently divorced, it is vital that you take the time to care for yourself. As a divorce lawyer, Thomas Ramunda Jr. knows that the holidays might be some of the most difficult to manage through: a Valentine’s Day divorce will always be painful and is immensely stressful, no matter your individual situation. It’s vital that you make sure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically coping the best way you can. Self-care is not always a person’s go-to activity, but it should be! Here are 10 activities we suggest you try leading up to Valentine’s Day or on the actual day to survive a Divorce:  

1)  Friends Date Night

Round up your single friends and go for a night on the town! Will you choose to stay local or go to a bigger city? Will you go out for an American burger or authentic Thai food? Some fun might just be what you need: your friends are perfect for fun and a lot of laughs. If you don’t have single friends, but you have friends who are not Valentine’s Day fans, round up those friends for a board game night. The activity and who you go with is all relative to what to do on Valentine’s Day; it just depends on your feelings and mood at the time.  

2) Sign up for that Dating App

Understandably, since the end of the marriage is (often) not something to celebrate, you might not be ready for “divorced dating” so soon. Or, if you have been divorced for a while or even if you haven’t, perhaps it’s the perfect time to get back into the dating pool! It all depends on your comfort level. If you are ready to take that plunge, pool your friends to see which dating app they preferred, or sign up for all of them! Online or app-based dating has been extremely popular among all people, especially divorcees: it might be good for you to meet someone who is also divorced. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to dating; maybe you will just make a new friend.






3) Staycation

It is not easy to know how to overcome divorce and perhaps a loud, exciting night out isn’t in your best interests. A Staycation might be better, where you stay home with your favorite movie and the kids or invite over your best friend since highschool. Reading is also a great alternative, whether you are reading the latest in political news or indulging in the most recent Victoria romance (because you are always a romantic at heart!)


Chick Flick OR Resident Evil Marathon

Read a Good Book OR Buy a New Pair of Shoes



4) Watch the Winter Olympics

This year the Winter Olympics are February 9th through the 25th: a perfect activity for Valentine’s Day! Even if you are not a sport’s fan, there is a little something that catches your interest: maybe it’s the figure skating or the curling? Since there are many sports (and fun commercials if you like them) on during this period, the Olympics are a great activity with the kids or just by yourself. While the Olympics might only be a distraction and a short-term solution to surviving your divorce, it is worth it for the short reprieve.  

5) Learn Something New

Rediscover your vibrant side! Signup for a fun Salsa class, take a wine and painting class for a twist, mix a delicious divorce martini, empower yourself with a kick boxing class, or learn to build that bookshelf you’ve always wanted. Wherever your interests lie, try doing something you’ve never done before or the things you’ve perhaps forgotten about on your bucket list. It’s the start to a new life, you get to choose how to live it and the best place to start is with new experiences! Suggestions:

Signup for a Salsa Class

Join a Wine & Painting Night

Mix a Delicious Divorce Martini

Take a Kick Boxing Class

Build a Bookshelf



6) See A Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

If you’ve ever seen a concert outdoors, this one knocks it out of the park. Famous bands like Marshmello, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Blues Traveler, Jimi Hendrix , John Denver, and many more have played this outdoor, open-air venue. Suggestions:

Buy Concert Tickets

Go Dancing

Listen to Live Music Downtown





7) Indulge Yourself

While buying that new Mercedes C-Class might be too much of a financial commitment during your divorce, take some time to indulge yourself! Buy some of the nicer wine (or beer) and cheese (or hot wings) you don’t usually, spend a little more money on that friend date night, or simply buy a couple of extra books for that staycation. For the divorced women, splurge on those expensive bath bombs, lotions, and masks! For the divorced men, watch your favorite watch a sporting event on TV or go out to support a local team with your friends. Suggestions:

Wine & Cheese

Beer & Hot Wings!

Spa Day & Box O’Chocolates


8) Go on a Trip!

Calling on all divorced women and men: ever wanted to explore the Amazon jungle or stroll the medieval streets in Prague? Taking a foreign excursion to escape Valentine’s Day might just do the trick. Not up for an international trip? Go somewhere in the United States you have never been: Mount Rushmore in February is rather cold and snowy, but an excellent sight to see! Suggestions:

Visit Prague

Amazon Jungle Safari

Take a Cruise


9) Experience Local Night Hiking

If you want to warm your feet in a little local adventure before taking on the world, try night hiking. There are many great trails and places in Colorado Springs to night hike. Just take a warm jacket, strap on a headlamp, bring your dog and bring a bottle of your favorite wine.  Experience scenic views of glowing stars above city lights. Garden of the Gods is a great place to start. There are a variety of trails with amazing end payoffs. For those who like an intense workout, the Colorado Manitou Incline Trail is another great option and at night, you don’t have the heat to worry about. Suggestions:

Explore Garden of the Gods

Hike the Manitou Incline Trail



 10) Start On Those Fitness Goals

Getting fit is usually a New Year’s resolution that is hard to keep to: why not take the motivation from Valentine’s Day and finally get started? Start slow or hit the ground running: it’s up to you! Take a 3 hour trip down South. Visit The Great Sand Dunes National Park which offers picturesque trails for running or hiking the Dunes, and Zapata Falls area. Or expand your driving skills off-roading at Little Medano Creek. Suggestions:

Run The Great Sand Dunes

Hike Zapata Falls

Drive Off-Road at Medano Creek

  Surviving a divorce during Valentine’s Day is never easy; hopefully, with a few (or all) of these activities, your Valentine’s Day is a little more comfortable.